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Dump Truck-Tian Zige

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  Junton mining rimula is designed by the Europe leading theories with an artistic appearance, the components and parts are all the products of the famous brand at home and abroad, the quality is excellent, high strength materials are used to make the truck body, the self-weight of the vehicle is lighter, the strength is higher, and the oil saving performance is better.


  The truck is designed according to the severe working condition for mid-short distance transportation; the transport materials contain soil, mine, sand and stone, gravel, etc.

  Advantages of truck body:

  lighter self-weight , lower gravity, higher strength,

  Lighter self-weight:

  The truck body is 2 tons lighter than the ordinary matts, this can save oil cost about CNY 50,000.00.

  Lower gravity:

  There's no longitudinal & cross arm on the bottom plate, the gravity is 110mm lower than the ordinary matts, thus the vehicle will be more stable, and the tire wear will be decreased effectively.

  Higher strength:

  The angle between the side plate is 60 degree after been rolled, thus the anti-bending performance of the side plate is very strong, the overall strength of the truck body is 3.2 times of the ordinary truck body.

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