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Choose a good car for a safe home against the "war epidemic"

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-23 17:31

Choose a good car for a safe home against the "war epidemic"

  Life is more important than Mount Tai, the epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. Recently, Henan Juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd. actively cooperated with the requirements of provinces and cities, and took epidemic prevention and control as the current major political task. On the basis of effective prevention and control of the epidemic, it took the responsibility of corporate social responsibility and supported the frontline of war epidemic.

  This morning, Henan Juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd. held its 2020 marketing video conference. The market has strong order requirements. It encourages sales elites to protect themselves while maintaining 24-hour phone startup to answer customer inquiries about products anytime, anywhere. , Enthusiastic and full of cooperation with dealers and end customers to provide good services to prepare for the market outbreak period ushered in by the resumption of work across the country.

  "I have arrived to work officially. The epidemic is ongoing and the work continues. The country is in trouble, let's not add to the chaos. Looking at the mobile phone, everything is done." Every Juntong sales manager is ready and looks forward to being loyal to us as always Customers bring convenience and convenience.