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The new star of self-unloading

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The new star of self-unloading

  Since August 1, this year, after the introduction of the policy on the ban on roads for flatbed semi-trailers, one stone has stirred up thousands of waves, and the "sentence certificate" has been cancelled. Can only withdraw from the historical stage, but life still has to continue, sand and gravel have to be transported. For the sand and gravel transportation market, our company launched the "Yunba J40" dump semi-trailer, which caused a large-scale panic buying trend.

  October 26, 2019, with the sound of festive firecrackers, 10 Juntong Yunba J40 "series dump semi-trailers were successfully delivered to major customers, adding benefits to the transportation business of the old customers.

  Yunba J40 ”series dump semi-trailer:

  High patent appearance and value:

  The cargo box adopts our patented product transport structure, and its streamlined design not only is visually coordinated and beautiful, but also reduces air resistance during vehicle operation, reduces fuel consumption, and saves energy and protects the environment.