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  Founded in 2005, Henan Junton Vehicle Co., Ltd is a comprehensive private enterprise integrating special vehicle manufacturing, special vehicle manufacturing, automobile component manufacturing and automobile trading. It mainly produces more than 200 products in six series of dump trucks, semi-trailers, tank trucks, cold chain transport vehicles, special vehicles for lifting and lifting, and multi-wheel drive special vehicles. The products are sold to the mainstream domestic market and exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Vietnam, Philippines, Algeria, Chile, Peru and many other countries and regions are the partners of well-known domestic OEMs such as Shaanxi Automobile, Hongyan, Sinotruk, Auman, Jiefang, and Dongfeng.


Technological innovation

Technical innovation

  Juntong Company always regards technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development. It invests more than 3% of its sales in the R & D field every year. It has two major R & D centers in Xi'an and Sanmenxia, with more than 200 professional and technical personnel. Determined as "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Provincial Industrial Design Center", "Henan Special Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center", etc., accumulatively obtained more than 50 national authorized patents, 11 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements, 2013 10 Monthly recognized by the state as a "high-tech enterprise".

Modern manufacturing plant Perfect manufacturing system:

Modern manufacture factory, complete production system:

  The company has advanced production equipment. At present, the company has domestic advanced JCL uncoiling horizontal shearing and longitudinal shearing flat lines; the assembly line of dump trucks using crawler conveyors; the coating line of energy-saving and environmentally friendly dump trucks; the one-time production line of intelligent car body; special-shaped Automatic welding machine for tank ring seam; 3D gantry robot workstation, pentahedron machining center, horizontal double-sided boring and milling machining center, etc. The company has introduced a series of high-tech manufacturing equipment such as intelligent assembly lines, flexible robot production lines, and automated logistics distribution lines. At present, nearly 200 sets of industrial robots are used in the production line, becoming an equipment manufacturing enterprise with more robot flexible production lines in Henan Province. Modern manufacturing technology innovation has made the production efficiency of the company more than 3 times higher than the traditional model, creating value for customers, and is hailed by experts as "a revolution in the production of special vehicles.

  The special vehicle industrial park has 160,000 square meters of modern factory buildings, and has three major manufacturing departments of dumping, semi-trailer and tank trucks, with an annual output of 50,000 special vehicles. The special vehicle industrial park has 180,000 square meters of green energy-saving workshops. It mainly produces four series of products: multi-functional truck cranes, truck-mounted crane trucks, cold chain trucks, and aluminum alloy liquid trucks. It is dedicated to creating 20,000 lifting special vehicles per year and 5,000 cold chain trucks per year. It is a production base for cars and multi-wheel drive special vehicles with an annual output of 5,000. Among them, the lifting special vehicle series products are jointly developed with the internationally renowned enterprise CTE Group.


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